How to use transparent surgical film and what it does
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transparent surgical film is made of medical pressure-sensitive adhesive coated with polyurethane film and covered with release paper. It is an ultra-thin, moisture-permeable, transparent and body-friendly surgical film that creates a good sterile environment at the surgical site and is widely used in aseptic surgery.

transparent surgical film

The transparent surgical film is composed of adhesive, liner and release paper. Main technical indexes.

1. film adhesion: 14-15g/mm, no promise of ≥1mm of adhesive-free range at the adhesive.

2. release paper dust: maximum diameter ≤ 1mm, <1/cm2.

3. film does not promise the appearance of ≥ 5mm of fiber or lint.

4. the product should be sterile.

The use of transparent surgical film.

1. according to the clinical needs, choose the applicable specifications, after the disinfectant on the skin is dry, tear open the bag and take out the surgical film, peel off the isolation paper, and put the surgical film flatly on the skin of the surgical area.

2. Smooth the surgical film and leave no air bubbles between it and the skin.

3. make an incision along the surgical site for the surgical operation.

4. When the skin is sutured at the end of the operation, peel off 1 to 3 cm of the film at the edge of the incision and tear off the film after suturing the skin.

transparent surgical film product details

The four main functions of transparent surgical film are

1. Ultra-thin

2. Moisture permeable

3. Transparent

4. body-fitting

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