What is medical surgical film?
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What is medical transparent surgical film?

The medical operation membrane is a kind of medical material which can effectively protect the skin around the operation site from blood and water pollution, dressing soaking, electric burn, prevent the bacteria in the deep layer of the skin of the operation site from moving sideways, seal the bacteria inside and outside the skin of the operation site, and provide safe and sterile medical materials for the operation. 

PU material is used for medical operation membrane, which can ensure the normal respiration of the skin, and its impermeability can effectively block the penetration of bacteria and liquid around the operation; it can effectively prevent the lateral transfer of bacteria during the operation, so as to ensure the sterile state around the operation incision. It is suitable for various surgical operations.

transparent surgical film

The features of medical transparent surgical film

The medical transparent surgical film has good viscosity, high-quality medical pressure-sensitive adhesive so that the surgical film does not curl when used, no residue, no pain when torn off. It can keep tightly on the skin for about 7 days. Pu material is transparent and breathable, which can protect the normal breathing of the skin, prevent the accumulation of water vapor under the surgical film, reduce the chance of infection, and provide a sterile environment around the surgical incision.

The special easy to tear edge makes the operation membrane easy to stick on the skin or peel off. It is hypoallergenic and will not cause any reaction to the skin after use. Meet different needs, provide a variety of size options, can increase the diversion bag or waterproof non-woven cloth towel.

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