Application of Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage
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Application of Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Elastic bandages are made of natural fibers. The material is soft, elastic and light.

Application: Light weight elastic adhesive bandage is widely used in hospital, like surgical dressing and nursing. You can feel the benefits of bandages for external bandages, field training, trauma first aid, etc.

Advantages: high elasticity, unrestricted movement of joint parts after use, no shrinkage, no obstruction of blood circulation or good ventilation of joint materials, no condensation of wound water vapor, easy to carry.

Features: it is easy to use, beautiful and generous, suitable for pressure, good ventilation, not suitable for infection, conducive to rapid wound healing, rapid bandaging, no allergy, and does not affect the daily life of patients

The self-adhesive elastic bandage is composed of pure cotton or elastic non-woven fabric and natural rubber. It is made by turning and cutting through the axis for clinical external fixation and bandaging. It has self-adhesive property and is used for bandaging and fixation of wound dressing and fracture splint. The wound dressing to be bandaged is directly wound and fixed. If the wound continues to bleed, it should be pressurized and bandaged to stop bleeding.

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