Difference between medical bandages and sports tape
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Difference between medical bandages and gymnastic sports tape:

white color gymnastic sports tape

1. First, the main uses are different.

Gymnastic sports tape, also known as elastic bandages, are mainly used to prevent sports injury, protect joints, and prevent excessive finger joint movement from causing strain.

Medical bandages are mainly used to help patients fix the affected area or bandage to stop bleeding. They are necessary items for surgery.

2. Secondly, sports tapes are smaller than medical bandages.

The sports tapes (elastic bandages) are single-layer. The sports tape with letters or patterns are called ankle protection, wrist protection, knee protection, etc. they are also a kind of sports bandages. The sports tape are more elastic, can play a role in protecting joints and muscles, and have strong elastic performance.

Medical bandages are like elastic bandages, which are divided into large, medium and small sizes according to the length of the width. This kind of bandage is longer than sports bandage, which is one meter long and can be repeatedly wound. For example, many rhythmic gymnasts will use this kind of bandage to wound.

3. Finally, the parts of the action are different.

Sports tapes (elastic bandages) are mainly used for joints, such as knees, ankles, wrists and other parts.

Medical bandages can be used in almost all parts.

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