Why do badminton players wear physio therapy kinesiology tape
 Feb 05, 2020|View:367

The tapes have a scientific name is an intramuscular patch, which is a piece of adhesive. It is a kind of physio therapy kinesiology tape. The acrylic glue is used. The adhesive is very strong and can stick on the skin for 48 hours without falling off. It is different from the common sports pastes (white pastes) used by ordinary athletes. Sports pastes have no flexibility, and their main functions are fixation and protection. The effect of the intramuscular patch is flexible. It mainly uses the viscoelastic properties and mechanical direction of the patch, in combination with the principles of electromyography and biomechanics, to strengthen or relax specific muscles. Physio therapy kinesiology tape can help badminton players increase the gap between skin and muscle, promote lymph and blood circulation, and reduce the irritant substances causing pain. Its tension can reduce muscle tension and fatigue, and support weak muscle tissue. 

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

If it is used in combination with the correct part sticking method, it can achieve the effects of reducing pain, swelling, promoting motor function and improving motor performance. After using the muscle patch, we can not feel any resistance brought by it in the process of exercise but can make the muscle return faster. For example, in general, after we kill the ball, badminton players always feel discomfort in the shoulder and biceps. But after using the muscle patch, the muscle's toughness becomes stronger, it can recover quickly, attack continuously, and it can also reduce a lot of muscle fatigue.

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