• Physio therapy kinesiology tape

Camouflage Printed Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape

Physio therapy kinesiology tape is quite different in nature from other tapes. For one, physio therapy kinesiology tape allows the skin to breathe as it normally should. The adhesive used to apply kinesiology tape is specifically used for medical applications, and thus allows for normal operation of certain bodily functions.

Features of physio therapy kinesiology tape:
·Elasticity 170%, good tensile strength
·Strong and reliable sticky with high adhesion
·Soft, comfortable and skin breathable with cotton material
·Hypoallergenic adhesive, leaves no residue on body parts
·Elastic cotton substrate
·Latex free

Application of kinesiology tape:

·Supporting tapes for athletic muscles
·Assists lymphatic drainage by doctor
·Activates the endogenous analgesic systems
·Corrects joint problems in sports
·Reduction of pain for medical use
·Muscle recovery and injury prevention for athletes
·Improve circulation, promote healing, and training soft tissue



Camo Pattern Kinesiology Tape.




95% Cotton+5%Spandex.


Stretch to 170%-180%.

Fabric weight:

165 g/sqm.

Peeling Strength:

1.4 n/cm - 1.8 n/cm.

Adhesive Strength:


Optional colors:

6 camo colours are available.

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