Implementation rules and precautions of sports tape wrapping
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Implementation rules and precautions of gymnastic sports tape wrapping:

gymnastic sports tape

1. The position of the injured should be appropriate.

2. The patient can keep the body comfortable and reduce the patient's pain.

3. The gymnastic sports tape of the affected limb must be in a functional position.

4. The bag holder usually stands in front of the patient to observe the patient's facial expression.

5. Generally, the tape should be applied from the inside out and from the far center to the trunk. At the beginning of the tape, two circles of tape shall be made to fix the tape.

6. The tape roll should be grasped to avoid falling. The tape shall be rolled and pasted on the binding part.

7. When bandaging, the pressure should be equal every week, and should not be too light to avoid falling off. It should not be too tight to avoid circulation obstacles.

8. Except for patients with acute hemorrhage, open wound or fracture, the local area must be clean and dry before bandaging.

9. Rings, gold bracelets and watch necklaces are removed before binding.

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