Clinical application of elastic bandage
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1. Light weight elastic adhesive bandage are made of natural fibers. The material is soft and elastic. It is mainly used for surgical dressing care.

Light Weight Elastic Adhesive Bandage

2. Types of elastic bandage: light weight elastic adhesive bandageelastic self-adhesive bandage, high elastic bandages, spandex elastic bandages, 100% cotton elastic bandages, PBT elastic bandages, cotton selvage gauze bandages, PBT absorbent pad bandages, gypsum bandages, and other bandages.

3. Wrapping methods: Circular bandaging, spiral bandaging, spiral reverse folding bandaging, "8" word wrapping. Among them, the "8" wrapping method is used for joint parts. The method is as follows: the starting point is fixed by three circles of circular wrapping, and then the "8" word is wound to both ends after three circles of fixation. Each circle overlaps the previous circle by about 1 / 3 to 1 / 2, to ensure the tightness and stability of wrapping. The method of dressing at the same time depends on the purpose of use. The elastic bandage used for supporting circulation should support the vein, counteract the increased pressure of the vein, and not limit the venous return or arterial blood supply. Elastic bandages must be smooth without wrinkles, especially at the joints.

4. Application of elastic bandage in long-term laparoscopic surgery.

After the patient enters the operating room to establish a vein channel, raise the lower extremity to empty the vein. Select a medium-sized (10cm wide) elastic bandage to start from the foot. After winding the foot for 3-4 times, use a little force to gradually spiral upward to the knee joint. When winding, it should be noted that the elastic bandage must be flat without wrinkles, the adjacent two layers overlap by about two thirds, and the degree of tightness of winding should be appropriate. It should be able to put a finger after wrapping and feel comfortable. Before operation, it should be wrapped with an elastic bandage, and the superficial vein should be moderately compressed, which can increase the amount of venous blood flow back to the heart, and maintain the minimum venous pressure, to prevent the occurrence of lower extremity edema.

5. Precautions for use of elastic bandages

1) The width and tightness shall be suitable, and the tightness shall be suitable to extend a finger into the winding circle.

2) The vein should be emptied before bandaging, so it is better to bandage before getting up in the morning.

3) The bandage should start from the distal end of the limb and gradually wrap to the proximal end.

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