Brief Introduction of Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
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Brief Introduction of Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape:

1. Principle: make use of sticking cloth to produce wrinkles on the skin, increase the space between muscle and fascia, increase subcutaneous space, promote lymph circulation, take away the chemicals causing pain, and relieve the pain.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

2. Function: absorb mechanical force to protect the body

Support posture and promote balance ability

Help to reconstruct the injured tissue

Stabilize muscle and fat, maintain body temperature.

3. Structure: it is composed of soft, breathable and elastic pure cotton cloth (excluding latex and drug resistance) and rib-like low sensitive adhesive.

4. When sticking, we should consider the size of the muscle, the function of movement, the mobility of limbs, the position of treatment, the goal of treatment, the function of sticking, and the order of sticking. A kind of

5. Functions of various shapes:

1: To contract, strengthen, or relax large muscles

Y: Relax the muscles

10: Relieve pain

Dispersive: detumescence

6. Sticking sequence: scattered → x → y → I (the more moving blades, the weaker the sticking force, the shallower the effect, so the more sticking first)

7. Sticking process: disinfection → positioning → sticking

8. Knowledgebase: body structure, muscle trend, pump movement (mechanical rotation movement), lymph massage, blood circulation, muscle relaxation movement and skills, muscle strength enhancement skills, exercise efficiency improvement, mechanical analysis, relative movement, antagonistic principle, etc.

9. Basic use tips: thoroughly clean and disinfect the sticking part; cut the cloth neatly; avoid touching water and other substances on the adhesive surface of the cloth; try to complete the sticking action 1-2 times as much as possible; don't pull the cloth excessively, beginners can use the natural pulling force of the cloth; if there is skin itch or rash in use, please stop using.

Note: the physio therapy kinesiology tape cannot be used on wounds.

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