The characteristics of physio therapy kinesiology tape
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Sports like friends, the most depressing thing, nothing more than injury in the body. This article will introduce the physio therapy kinesiology tape mainly made of soft materials, which are suitable for running, playing basketball, football, badminton, and other popular sports.

The most vulnerable parts of the human body are joint positions, such as wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, back, neck, etc. sports protective equipment is specially designed according to different body parts, and the physio therapy kinesiology tape is selected according to your injured parts. Most of the protective equipment is made of nylon, rubber, polyester fiber, and other chemical synthetic products. It has the advantages of tensile resistance, tenacity, comfortable touch, and good air permeability. With an elastic metal strip as support and auxiliary magic button for pressure and fixation, it can improve the stability of joints and muscles, keep them in the appropriate stress range, and protect joints and muscles during movement It won't be damaged by strenuous movements or large stretches. A good physio therapy kinesiology tape must have the following characteristics:

Warmth retention and air permeability: these two characteristics seem to be in conflict, which reveals the importance of dialectics. You have me and I have you. Keeping warm is to make the body's heat in the non-exercise state not easy to lose, so as to make the parts need to be protected less vulnerable to injury and better recovery. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure the air permeability, because the movement is bound to sweat, good air permeability can make the sweat quickly discharged so that the part of the package can be dry and comfortable.

Good protective equipment is like the second skin of the human body. It not only has a good perspiration effect but also can keep the moisture on the body surface from excessive evaporation and loss, prevent the body from losing water or even dehydration. The heat preservation effect is first-class, which can make you have a very good state in sports and can be more comfortable in recovery.

Compressibility and supportability: a good protector has a very professional design, which is suitable for the curved arc design of the protective parts, three-dimensional cutting, with the expansion of the protector and the adjustment of the Velcro, it can not lose the protection, but also improve the strength and stability of the wrapping muscles, and ensure that the wearing parts have very good flexibility. Some special protective devices are added with flexible metal spring to strengthen the support, which can help the protected parts maintain the stability and impact absorption function of the joint in the process of frequent movement. Reduce the possibility of injury due to improper stress or excessive fatigue.

The overall comfortable coverage and good support performance can provide better protection for the injured parts and effectively avoid the occurrence of second-degree injury.

Protective and restorative: This is also the most important use of the protective device. The pressure change of the pressure muscles can reduce the pain, promote the metabolism, enhance the movement function, enhance the stability of the joint, and have a good correction effect on the injured part and prevent the re-injury. Soft fabric adopts a special knitting method, has unique ductility and excellent air permeability, can produce pressure with medical effect, wear comfortable, accelerate swelling and congestion absorption, improve sports function, and can quickly discharge moisture, which is very important for recovery.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

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