What is a Gymnastic Sports Tape
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What is a gymnastic sports tape

For the purpose of preventing sports injury, emergency treatment, rehabilitation of sports injury, prevention and recurrence of sports injury, sports adhesive tape is used to make the human body not exceed the normal movable range, so as to protect the body (mainly joints, muscles, and tendons).


Reasons for using gymnastic sports tape

It can provide the strength of fixation and compression to fit the skeleton and body shape (with a sense of fit and customization)

1. More effective fixation of joints and muscles (lasting for 3-4 hours).

2. The bandage is close to the skin, can correspond to the movement of joints and muscles, and is not easy to fall off.

3. Good ultra-thin and fit feeling are very important protective tools for competitive sports wearing sports shoes.

4. The type of bandage and the method of the bandage are easy to master.

 gymnastic sports tape

What's the use of gymnastic sports tape

1. Prevention of sports injury

In order to prevent the occurrence of sports injury for the purpose of joint and muscle protection and strengthening. It is one of the effective means to protect the ankle, wrist, finger, and other easily injured parts.

2. Emergency treatment of sports injury

Exercise bandages are used for compression and fixation of the injured area.

3. Prevention of re-injury

Once injured parts are more likely to recur. Exercise bandages are used in order not to worsen the injured area and reduce the burden on the injured area.


Effect of gymnastic sports tape

1. Limit the range of action.

2. It relieves pain.

3. According to the need to increase the pressure in various parts.

4. Artificial ligament, artificial tendon.

5. Reduce the mental stress of athletes.


Precautions for gymnastic sports tape

1. Before dressing

Consult a doctor first after injury, avoid swollen parts, and bandage parts should be clean (sweat, stolen goods, body hair).

2. Dressing

Do not interfere with the skills of nerves and blood vessels, maintain a certain range of motion of the joint, do not appear wrinkles, blisters, gaps.

3. After bandaging

If the skin color changes, allergies, and other symptoms, take it off immediately after exercise.

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