Instructions of Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
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It is not difficult to find that physio therapy kinesiology tape first appeared on many professional athletes, such as marathon, tennis, swimming, cycling, football, and so on. It was pasted with this colorful strip during competition or daily training. It seems to be very high-level and foreign-style, and the phenomenon caused by it is: everyone takes them to paste, such as running stickers, cycling stickers, fitness stickers, cycling stickers, and all kinds of stickers. Where the pain is pasted, the pain can be relieved, and at the same time, they feel that they have a full sense of professionalism.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

1. Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape Structure

There are three layers. The outermost layer is a breathable and elastic waterproof cotton cloth (so the patch can stretch within a certain limit, up to 130-150%)

The middle layer is usually acrylic adhesive, and the inner layer is paperback. The glue surface of the middle layer is distributed in the form of water ripple (the width, spacing, wavelength, and amplitude of the ripple are all specified), and the ripple is also the key technology officially claimed to make the paste work. The glue coated on the qualified adhesive cloth shall pass the biocompatibility test, generally not easy to cause skin allergy, and does not contain drug ingredients.


2. Function and Mechanism

Physiological function and mechanism

*Nerve application (stretch less than 30%): relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce edema

*Structural application (stretching more than 30%): supporting soft tissue, relaxing soft tissue, training soft tissue, correcting posture, enhancing joint stability

So if you just tear it off and stick it to a muscle pain area, there's no stretch stick at all. In fact, it has no function and function at all. Do you think he's a dog skin plaster?


3. Principle and Use

The elastic force produced by stretching the patch (≤ 30%) can stretch the direction of the skin, increase the gap between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, and then affect the flow direction of the subcutaneous fascia tissue so that the fascia system can have sufficient permeability and circulation, and promote the lymphatic and blood circulation. In other words, it is inclined to the so-called "neurologic application".

When more than 30% tension is applied to the patch, the action mechanism of the patch is more inclined to the official "structural application", which is generally used for joint correction.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape, by stretching the tension of the muscle paste, increase the gap between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue, so that you can feel the pain of muscle space, promote blood circulation, improve pain.

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