Technology of Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
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The design of physio therapy kinesiology tape is not particularly complicated. On the surface where the physio therapy kinesiology tape fit with the skin is a layer of acrylic glue, which is designed to be a fingerprint-like pattern. Moreover, physio therapy kinesiology tape are full of elasticity. There are some smaller elastic filaments in these fibers If there are physio therapy kinesiology tape, you can try to tear open the physio therapy kinesiology tape with your bare hands, and you will find those tiny hidden filaments.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

Through the
physio therapy kinesiology tape technology, the main role is to promote the local blood and lymph circulation, lift the local fascia, similar to a masseur's hand constantly massage the parts using the technology. So this technology is good for relieving fatigue and some muscle fascial problems.

In the beginning,
physio therapy kinesiology tape were mainly used for sportspeople, but with the technology being recognized by more and more people, many people have realized the benefits of physio therapy kinesiology tape. Therefore, they have gradually begun to be applied to many fields, such as the field of rehabilitation, in children with cerebral palsy, in the rehabilitation of stroke, and in the field of sports medicine is also very popular A technique of heat.
It can relieve the problems of muscles and fasciae in the back, shoulder, and neck, and has a very good effect on some patients with early chondromalacia of the patella. Clinically, there are some patients who have obvious knee pain when going up and downstairs. Usually, after using today's paste technology, we can get obvious relief in three days. There are many colleagues in our unit using it After this technology, it is affectionately called the magic little patch.
However, we also realize that the effect of intramuscular plaster is not particularly good for serious knee problems or other problems. Therefore, I only use
physio therapy kinesiology tape for patients who have problems in outpatient or clinical practice, especially those with chronic muscle and fascia problems.

In addition, there are some people who like sports, after overtraining or overtraining, they have obvious fatigue and soreness in some parts, and the effect of the intramuscular stacking technique is also very good.

physio therapy kinesiology tape is a very good auxiliary technology in the field of sports medicine. It also has a good therapeutic effect on some diseases in the early stage. It is suggested to seek this technology in the professional rehabilitation department or rehabilitation physiotherapy department. You can quickly master the essentials of this technology, and then you can use it at home.

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