How to Use Transparent Surgical Film
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Transparent surgical film, also known as medical-surgical membrane, is a kind of medical material, mainly composed of viscose, backing, and release paper. It is an ultra-thin, transparent, and suitable surgical film, which can create a good aseptic environment for the surgical site, so it is widely used in aseptic surgery.

There are four functions of the transparent surgical film: ultrathin, moisture permeable, transparent, and suitable for body.

transparent surgical film

How to use transparent surgical film?

1. After the disinfectant solution on the skin is dried, the packaging bag is taken out, the isolation paper is stripped, and then the surgical film is covered on the skin;

2. Smooth the surgical film so that there is no air bubble between it and the skin;

3. The operation room was operated along with the surgical site;

4. When the skin was sutured at the end of the operation, 1-3 cm of the membrane at the edge of the incision was removed, and the membrane was torn off after the skin was sutured.

In general, film viscosity: 14-15g / mm, adhesive-free range of ≥ 1mm is not allowed at the adhesive position; release paper dust: * * large diameter ≤ 1mm, < 1 piece / cm2; the film is not allowed to appear fiber or cotton wool ≥ 5mm, and the product should be sterile.

To sum up, the transparent surgical filmis a product used to cover the surgical incision in clinical surgery, so it is widely used in clinical.

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