Functions of Transparent Surgical Film
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The utility model relates to a transparent surgical film for surgical incision, which solves the protection problem of the surgical incision in operation. The transparent operating membrane is provided with a hole corresponding to the surgical incision in the middle of the transparent film, and a soft circular or elliptical ring is arranged at the edge of the hole. The outer edge of the flexible transparent film is coated with a self-adhesive layer, and the top of the adhesive layer is covered with an adhesive protective layer.

Transparent Surgical Film

The Functions of Transparent Surgical Film

When using, the ring is placed in the chest, abdomen, and pelvic cavity along the incision, and the membrane is turned out, and the adhesive is used to adhere to the sterile sheet laid on the skin. The transparent surgical film can fully expose the operation field and is easy to operate in chest, abdomen, and pelvic surgery.

The transparent surgical film can fully protect the surgical incision and provide a safe and aseptic surgical environment for the surgical incision;

The transparent surgical film is suitable for all operations of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis

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