What is Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
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In Japan and Taiwan, the physio therapy kinesiology tape is often called "muscle energy efficiency patch". It is a kind of elastic patch which is different from the traditional rigid elastic patch.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape effect:

It has a wide range of functions in rehabilitation treatment, such as pain relief, swelling reduction, scar softening, posture correction and so on. It was once said to be like a therapist's hand.

The structure is mainly divided into three layers

The first layer is made of cotton

The second layer is acrylic

The third layer is to protect the glue against the paper

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

How do physio therapy kinesiology tape promote or relax muscles

At present, the domestic methods and theories of ligation are mainly used to affect the muscle through the direction of the ligation, such as stop to start point: used to inhibit the overuse or stretching of muscles. Start to stop: used to promote weaker muscles. The reason is: when the retraction direction of the patch is consistent with the muscle contraction direction, the final action vector is the promotion effect of the addition of the two. When the retraction direction of the patch is opposite to the muscle contraction direction, the final action vector is the relaxation effect of the subtraction of the two.


Can physio therapy kinesiology tape promote and relax muscles by pulling in different directions


This theory is unreasonable. First of all, no matter which direction the physio therapy kinesiology tape is attached to the other end, its retraction is from the two ends of the cloth to the middle. This is just like the spring that has been pulled apart, no matter which end of the spring is stretched, the two ends of the spring will retract to the center after both ends are released at the same time, and will not be changed by which end is pulled. Therefore, it is wrong to control the retraction direction of the paste by anchor and tail point.

Histologically, the direct effect of skin patches on muscles is highly questionable. There are many layers of tissue from skin to muscle, such as epidermis, dermis and superficial fascia. Muscle itself has three layers of myofasciae, some of which are very thick, even thicker than the patch itself. Then the patch can not directly affect the muscle through these structures.

In sports activities, for the prevention of trauma and trauma, as well as extensive musculoskeletal injury after physical therapy, KT patch is a very popular support method. The effectiveness of physio therapy kinesiology tape in muscle strength and motor unit recruitment remains uncertain. So can exercise function patch improve muscle function? sure. We may have such experience in clinical practice, that is, joints that can't move in pain can increase the range of motion after sticking cloth. This is because the pain is suppressed and the muscles work. But it's indirect. Patch can improve the effect of muscle, but also may be because of the local tissue decompression, so as to speed up the circulation, which can accelerate the metabolism of muscle metabolites, so as to help the recovery of muscle fatigue.

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