Introduction of Transparent Surgical Film
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The transparent surgical film is a kind of medical material which can effectively protect the skin around the operation site from blood and water pollution, dressing soaking, electric burn, preventing the bacteria in the deep layer of the surgical site from moving laterally, sealing the bacteria inside and outside the skin of the surgical site, and providing safe and sterile medical materials for the operation. How should transparent surgical film be used? Next, I'll take you to know about it!

The transparent surgical film is made of PU, which can ensure the normal breathing of the skin. Its impermeable characteristics can effectively block the penetration of bacteria and liquid around the operation, and effectively prevent the lateral transfer of bacteria in the surgical operation, so as to ensure the aseptic state around the operation mouth. It is suitable for various surgical operations. The medical transparent surgical film has good adhesion, high-quality medical pressure-sensitive, so that the operation film does not curl, no residue, no pain when tearing off. It can be kept tightly on the skin for a long time to about 7 days. Pu material is transparent and breathable, which can protect the normal breathing of skin, prevent water vapor accumulation under the transparent surgical film, reduce the chance of infection, and provide a sterile environment around the surgical incision. The special tear edge makes it easy to stick the membrane on the skin or peel off. Low sensitization, no skin reaction after use. To meet different needs, provide a variety of size options, can increase the diversion bag or waterproof non-woven cloth cloth towel.

transparent surgical film


1. Firstly, clean the operation area, disinfect the skin, and select the appropriate aseptic surgical membrane.

2. Tear open the packing bag and take out the operation film.

3. Unfold the transparent surgical film flatly, remove the release paper, and stick the operation above the incision position.

4. Smooth the film from the middle to the four sides to make it completely contact with the skin without leaving bubbles

5. Operate directly on the transparent surgical film.

6. After operation, the transparent surgical film can be sutured by gently opening the transparent surgical film on both sides.


1. Only open the package when using. If the package is damaged, do not use it.

2. Disposable, please destroy after use.

3. Can not replace suture, hemostasis, skin disinfection and other measures.

4. It should be applied on the skin naturally, and do not cause tension and damage to the skin.

5. When removing the protective film, please pay attention to the catheter or instrument covered under it, which can not be pulled off.

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