Why Need to Use Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
 Oct 15, 2020|View:986

Are there any sharp eyed friends who find that there are many players on the court with adhesive tape similar to large band aid? In fact, not only basketball players, but also other players have pasted this tape.

First of all, these large band aid like adhesive tape is called physio therapy kinesiology tape, also known as sports patch. The stickers do not contain glue and have no pharmaceutical ingredients. This kind of stickers originated in Japan in the last century, and then gradually developed to European and American countries. After many trials in competitions, it is now widely used in various sports.

Physio therapy kinesiology tape

The physio therapy kinesiology tape was originally designed to relieve muscle pain. It was invented to protect the joint and was later widely used in various sports protection measures. This kind of sports patch can effectively reduce the body muscle damage caused by strenuous exercise. It can also relax the soft tissue structure of the body to a certain extent. And it's very sticky. Because its back is covered with wavy textures that mimic the human body's fibers. The fabric is thick and breathable, so it doesn't affect the breathing and sweating of athletes' skin. And it has a variety of colors and widths to choose from, to meet the needs of athletes from different countries and different genders.

In the field, when athletes stick physio therapy kinesiology tape for competition, the sports stickers will contract and then produce a pull back, which can keep the athletes' muscles in a continuous state of strength, unable to produce lactic acid, and then avoid muscle soreness. As we all know, the reason for muscle soreness is that the muscle exerts force to produce lactic acid. The use of sports stickers will make athletes not feel particularly tired in the fierce competition, so as to play a better performance.

Now this kind of physio therapy kinesiology tape is widely used in the medical field. Many hospitals have adopted the function of sports patch with good ventilation and elasticity to treat the muscle injury of patients. And there are many ways to paste this kind of cloth. Different sticking methods can relieve muscle soreness in different parts of the body.

Here, I want to tell you that not everyone can paste this kind of physio therapy kinesiology tape randomly. This kind of physio therapy kinesiology tape must be pasted under the guidance of professionals. Only professionals know the force and direction of muscle.

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