Four functions of physio therapy kinesiology tape
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Four functions of physio therapy kinesiology tape

After understanding what a physio therapy kinesiology tape is, we need to know how it can help runners? In addition to looking "cool and fashionable" after pasting, generally speaking, muscle stickers have some common functions:

1. Through the natural tension and lines of the physio therapy kinesiology tape, the epidermis is pulled up to increase the space of the subcutaneous tissue, thus promoting circulation and achieving the effect of detumescence.

2. Use the tension of physio therapy kinesiology tape to relax the tight muscles; Or help muscle contraction work, that is, the use of the elastic cloth, so that the action can be more easily done.

3. Stimulate skin and muscles to relieve pain.

4. It can stabilize the joint and prevent the abnormal joint during the movement.

When using physio therapy kinesiology tape, the effect is different

After understanding the principle and function of physio therapy kinesiology tape, according to the effect of different time and want to achieve, the use of physio therapy kinesiology tape has the following knowledge.

Before exercise: prevent the parts with strong intensity and easy to be injured in advance.

During exercise: use physio therapy kinesiology tape to help muscles work, delay the occurrence of soreness, and help exercise performance.

After exercise: for injured parts, can reduce pain, promote repair, reduce inflammation.

Four functions of physio therapy kinesiology tape

How to use physio therapy kinesiology tape?

Although the mass runners are not like the professional athletes who have protective guards to stick, they can still learn the sticking techniques for some common injuries of the runners. However, before sticking, there are some things you have to know:

1. Before use, please use alcohol to clean the skin surface. If there is too much leg hair, it is recommended to scrape it first, so as not to affect the adhesion of the cloth.

2. If there is a wound, should avoid sticking cloth directly on the affected part.

3. Stick stick cloth still can take a bath, after taking a bath can use towel dry.

4. First, trim the four corners of the tape into arc shape to reduce the rolling up of the tape.

5. It doesn't need tension to fix the beginning and the end of the cloth. After the cloth is pasted, it should be rubbed back and forth to facilitate the melting of the gum and evenly pasted on the skin.

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