How to Select Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape
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Physio therapy kinesiology tape is a kind of patch mainly developed for the treatment of joint pain and muscle injury. It is often used by athletes and other sports practitioners. It can promote the injured parts to recover function as soon as possible and achieve good exercise efficiency. Generally speaking, this kind of patch needs to be pasted by professional trained doctors for patients. However, after improved design, this new type of physio therapy kinesiology tape is also very convenient for ordinary people to operate. It's easy to put the physio therapy kinesiology tape on the shoulder, waist or other parts accurately, so as to ensure that they can give full play to their effectiveness and help patients recover their motor function smoothly.

How to Select physio therapy kinesiology tape:

1. Sports stickers from regular manufacturers.

2. Good air permeability and proper elasticity.

3. The length and width of the cloth are suitable.

4. Pay attention to the shelf life.

How to Select Physio Therapy Kinesiology Tape

Paste physio therapy kinesiology tape:

1. Find out the pain point or area according to the activity of muscle and joint.

2. According to the length and shape of the muscle, choose the length and width of the patch, and stick it along the long axis and direction of the muscle. Wrist and other parts of the narrow patch, waist and thigh with a wide patch.

3. Don't stretch out the cloth and stick it flat.

4. When pasting, don't tear off the inner layer of paper, it's better to tear it off while pasting. If you tear all the inner stickers at once, the physio therapy kinesiology tape will roll together easily.

5. Make sure that all the edges and corners are pasted well and firmly.

6. If you feel too tight after pasting, take it off and paste it again. You should feel comfortable after pasting.

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